Home Care Growth Outpaces Other Health Spending

On June 14th, 2017 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released the latest round of data on healthcare spending.  Measuring the broad areas in which money is spent on healthcare by all payers, Home Health Care had the highest rate of growth for any of the sectors.  Higher than growth in hospital, physician, or drug spending, Home Health in this latest study showed a 7.7% growth rate.

While this is not related to total dollars spent, the higher growth rates demonstrates how home health and home care continue to grow at a rapid pace across the nation.

Included in the data is a comparison of total spending for each state as well as per capita spending.  Leading the pack in home care growth are states in the Rocky Mountain states and the far west.

Individual states with the highest growth rates of home health spending are ranked as follows:

  • Alaska 17%
  • Hawaii 12.2%
  • Minnesota 12%
  • South Dakota 11.7%
  • Nevada 11.4%
  • New Mexico 11.3%
  • Utah 11.3%


[CTA- view the rate of spending growth for home health in your state]