About CTS

CTS is a Virginia based 501c3 Nonprofit organization that provides capacity building and support for organizations that are improving the quality of life throughout the nation.


Mission: To develop healthy communities based upon a holistic approach to human development that includes social, physical, educational and spiritual health. We invest in the development of communities that improve their health in these ways:

Health Education – dedicated to educating the general public about health and wellness and the impact individual health has on our communities overall well-being. We provide health prevention and wellness information directly to the public and to health institutions.

Holistic Educational Development among Youth – dedicated to supporting and increasing the quality and impact of youth-serving organizations.

Nonprofit Capacity Building – dedicated to assisting and improving the capacity and impact of nonprofits serving communities with the belief that charitable institutions are a primary instrument in the development of healthy families.

Community Capacity Building – dedicated to increasing the capacity and impact of mission-minded businesses and nonprofits who support healthy communities. We support them as an integral part of developing healthy communities and to foster greater mission mindedness on the part of businesses and other institutions. Current projects include Home Care Strategy for addressing labor shortages impacting quality of care and accessibility.

Vocational Asset Development — helping organizations and businesses, and employees to align their vocational skills and employment needs so that local economies flourish and families in those communities are sustainable as a result.