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“Care Enough to Know-keep your parents safe will help you to arrive at best possible outcome by resulting in choices you won’t regret.”

“There is so much that I just didn’t know about senior care – the book really helped prepare me to make an informed choice for my parents”

About the Author

Emily Butler-Morton has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Family Studies from Western Baptist in Salem, Oregon, and a Certificate in Gerontology from the University of California, Riverside.

With a twenty-five year career in the Senior Living industry she learned hands-on truths about the broad spectrum of senior living, including home care, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care and independent living. She is a considered an expert in the field of senior living. Throughout her career, Emily Butler-Morton often saw the gap between what people were promised and what they actually received when selecting a senior option. She has compiled an accumulation of her knowledge, expertise and experience in her book, “Care Enough to Know.” She has been a guest speaker at various seminars, conferences and eldercare workshops across the U.S. on the various aspects involved in assessing and selecting the best type of senior living for any given situation or person. As a member of the adjunct faculty at Rogue Community College in Medford, Oregon, she taught students how to select the very best senior living situation for themselves or a loved one. She has always believed “if you care enough to know-you will know enough to care,” and has implemented this maxim throughout her career in the senior living industry.

Emily Morton, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Moved to San Diego, California when she was six years old. Grew up in a family of seven children, graduated from Hoover High School. Has two sons, many grandchildren and more great-grandchildren.

About the Book

“Care Enough to Know-keep your parents safe” is a tool designed to help in making informed decisions when considering any type of senior living for a loved one, or yourself.  Also included is pertinent information on how, when and why a person can remain in their own home, safely.

Having knowledge of what is available and how to make the best and safest choice will allow you to feel good about your final decision regarding eldercare.  You can learn the necessary processes needed to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion by following the steps outlined in this book. 

Knowing where and how to look, asking the right questions, and becoming aware of any “red flags” when making your choice are pointed out.  A step by step procedure is offered on how to make the actual move. Or, in the case of homecare, how to ensure safety, comfort and protection.

Who should read the Book:

  • Adult Children with Aging Parents
  • Careproviders for seniors
  • Home Care and Senior Care Owners