Marketing Essentials for Christian Schools and Colleges

Websites Designed for Growth

What Leaders are Saying

“While the 21st Century Christian School has a mandate for growth with core Biblical principles, there are also many essentials for us with regard to telling our stories to a tech-savvy world. David Mills absolutely nails perhaps the most significant of these in his book. I HIGHLY recommend this as a must read for every Christian school administrator.”

Rick Yost, Superintendent, Fredericksburg Christian School

First Impressions online turn into choices about which school or college to attend.


The decisions that students and families make about where to attend private school and college are driven more and more by digital experiences – what they see and hear online.  What used to be essentially a digital billboard, has now become an experience gateway – the first place that people experience your school.

80% of most enrollment decisions are made before they contact you. Reaching them online, where that decision process occurs, allows you to join students and families as a thought leader.

Marketing Essentials for Christian Schools and Colleges equips leaders with a new paradigm about how to understand their digital presence, and a new process for achieving the right kind of online interaction.  Get insights into what might be missing from your web presence, how to go about rebuilding it, and ways to avoid pitfalls and maximize your investment.

Who Should Read Marketing Essentials

  • Schools and Colleges that are working to build enrollment.
  • Superintendents, Administrators and Marketing Directors who want to connect with prospects digitally.
  • Enrollment and Admissions Directors who want to see school growth.

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