Lead by Listening.

Build Connections & Insight as You Prepare for Growth.
A community needs assessment event sets the stage for greater impact and more relationships.

Community Needs Assessment Events
Open Doors to Your Community.

Build your team, connect with your community, instill compassion
and launch with an external focus.

Needs Assessment is the key step for church planters
who want to impact their communities.

The Compassion by Design Process


A coach guides careful preparation and thoughtful focus.


Find and connect with community leaders in preparation.

Event Day

Engage your community by listening at appointments and focus groups.


Share what you learned and how it changed you.

Along the way, you’ll launch with a missional focus, connect with your community and position the church as a group that people believe is truly committed to the community.
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Compassion The values you launch with are the values you keep. Starting by building relationships that ignite compassion in your team and connect you to your community.

By Design Groups that are truly dedicated to serving start by deeply understanding the needs and people in the community. Community needs assessments demonstrate your commitment, and fuel your insight.